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Samstag, 20. Mai 2017
Playlist Wes Montgomery
Horace Silver:
Nica's Dream/CD: Echoes Of Indiana Avenue
Wes Montgomery

Edward Redding:
Missile Blues/CD: A Dynamic New Sound
Wes Montgomery Trio

Nat Adderley:
Work Song/CD: Work Song
Cannonball Adderley

Wes Montgomery:
D-Natural Blues/CD: The Incredible Jazz Guitar
Wes Montgomery

Stranger In Paradise/CD: George Shearing & The Montgomery Brothers
George Shearing & TheMontgomery Brothers

Wes Montgomery:
Full House/CD: Full House
Wes Montgomery

Sam Jones:
Unit 7/CD: Smokin' At The Half Note
Wynton Kelly & Wes Montgomery

Chuck Rio:
Tequila/CD: Tequila
Wes Montgomery

A Day In The Life/CD: A Day In The Life
Wes Montgomery

R. Rodgers:
My Favorite Things/CD: Wes Montgomery Classics
Wes Montgomery

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